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Class Nadlan

Luxury Real Estate Agency

The real estate agency "Class Real Estate" was founded about 20 years ago by Ronny Baruch, who is one of the most established real estate brokers in the field of luxury homes and lots in Israel.


Our office is active in a number of areas: Ramat Hen / Shikun Ha-Tzanhanim, Savyon, Ramat Efal and Tel Ganim.


Our office is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of marketing luxury homes and has performed hundreds of sales transactions in most of our areas of expertise, while accompanying the transaction from start to finish.


Our office has a large pool of exclusive properties as well as a large stockpile of potential clients from Israel and abroad.


We advocate massive marketing and advertising, unparalleled in the region. Due to that and of course due to the professionalism and experience we have acquired over the years, we enjoy a large and exclusive clientele and carry out a high percentage of the transactions carried out in most of our areas of expertise - with great success.


In addition to the properties that appear on our website, we have a large pool of other properties that are not advertised in order to maintain discretion at the request of our customers.


Our office will be happy to assist you in finding the right property for your needs and according to your budget.


In addition, our office will be happy to provide you with information and related services on the following subjects:

Legal advice, architecture, taxation, appraisal, supervision, recommendations on construction contractors and professionals.


We put great emphasis on working at high standards that have been set as milestones from the very beginning:

Reliability, service, professionalism, discretion, ethics and success.

In addition, the advantage of our office over other offices in the region is the fact that we have stretched the marketing of properties in several adjacent luxury areas, enabling a data interface and higher sales potential.


It is well known that a real estate transaction is one of the biggest and most important deal a person makes in his life.

Therefore, it takes a great deal of skill and professionalism to provide you with the best deal and the most convenient conditions for you.


Our office gives personal attention to each of its clients since we are a private and exclusive office and not a brokerage network operated by franchisees.

In our office, every property is marketed and treated with the utmost dedication and personal attention.


Join our customers and we will be happy to serve you faithfully and provide you with a service at a level you have not yet known.


We will be happy to arrange an introductory meeting,



Wishing you success,

Ronny Baruch


Ronny Baruch - Class Nadlan - Luxury Real Estate Agency
Ronny Baruch


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